Our Mission

The American Aid Foundation's mission is to provide humanitarian aid to those in need, whether it be from a disaster, health or economic related issues. Our programs provide much needed relief in ways such as delivering disaster relief, providing comfort and aid to homeless veterans and other homeless, providing positive life experiences to struggling children, Veterans and seniors and bringing public awareness to the needs of those in their time of need. The Foundation will always hold true to it's motto of "In Your Time Of Need... We Are There" because there is no more fulfilling a feeling then to know you were there to lend a hand to someone at the most neediest time in their life!

Words We Live By!
"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal."

Albert Pike


A Huge "Thank You" to Amazon.com

We would like to give Amazon.com a huge "Thank You" for their incredible donation to our programs to help those less fortunate! With the Delta variant of Covid-19 running rampant their donations allow us to give protection, from this virus, to our homeless Veterans (and other homeless) we serve, as well as many others in need that we serve.


Personal Hygiene, Comfort Items, Food Needed For Homeless
Military Veterans & Other Homeless!

The American Aid Foundation is asking you to consider donating personal hygiene and comfort items to go along with the food we already deliver to homeless military Veterans and other homeless directly on the streets that they are sadly living on (through our Homeless Comfort & Care program). You can check out our Wish List to see more details of what is needed for our Homeless Comfort & Care program. Please feel free to contact us by telephone at (847) 363-1332 or you may eMail us at Donations@AmericanAidFoundation.org to arrange for drop-off or pickup (for larger donations).  Click here for more...

Providing Computers To Struggling Families!

The American Aid Foundation has begun a program to bring computers to families that are struggling to make ends meet yet need to have a computer for their children to be able to do school work and learn to use computers that is so essential for them as they get older and into the work place (where computer skills as a necessity). We ask that, as we enter the holiday season, that you help us make a marked difference in the lives of families who have little and allow them to have the tools for their children to prosper as they get older. If you have any used computer (in good working order) or would like to donate a new computer or make a monetary donation for the Foundation to purchase computers, that you contact us at (847) 363-1332 or via eMail at Donations@AmericanAidFoundation.org.

Help Us Complete Our Mobile Theater Units!

The American Aid Foundation is looking to complete it's first of two Mobile Theater Units in the coming months to bring the full theater experience to special needs and hospitalized children, hospitalized Veterans and seniors. The mobile units will include full high definition projection video and full 6.1 surround sound. Additionally we will be serving popcorn, beverages, cotton candy, theater snacks, goody bags and raffle prizes. These units will be part of a pilot program in the Chicago area and in the future we will expand nationally to other major metropolitan areas. We need your generosity to help complete our initial three units. Help us bring hours of entertainment into the lives of children, Veterans and seniors who are currently struggling in their lives! Monetary donations can be made via our website (see info on right) or via USPS. You may also check out our Wish List if you wish to donate a needed item as well..

The American Aid Foundation has produced some videos of our "Movie Night" Program. Please check them out to get a real feel for what this program is about and what we intend to do with our Mobile Theater Units program. Videos include an overview video as well as some interviews with "Movie Night" participants and volunteers talking about their experiences with this wonderful program..

Click Here To View Additional Videos.

Here is a video overview of our wonderful "Movie Night" program. (playtime is 9m:36s)
Video can be played up to 1080p HD in full screen.

Thank you to RR Donnelly for their donation of Office/School supplies to help us with our You Are Important! program.. These items are much needed by children from needy families whom are struggling to make ends meet.